Due: January 4th, 2007
Notification of Acceptance: January 15th, 2007


The Human Robot Interaction 2007 conference will host a video session, in which movies of interesting, important, illustrative, or humorous HRI research moments will be shown. We invite videos related to all aspects of human-robot interaction. Robots and humans do not always behave as expected and the results can be entertaining and even enlightening - therefore instances of failures will also be considered. We invite all researchers in the HRI area to share their best videos that may have been taken accidentally or intentionally.

A panel of your peers will review video submissions. Besides the importance of the lessons learned экскурсия на киностудию Мосфильм and the novelty of the situation, the entertainment value will be judged.

Each video must be accompanied by a 200-word abstract that describes the video. The video itself must be self-explanatory for the HRI-2007 conference audience. The use of voice-over, subtitles or introduction slides is recommended to prepare the audience for the video.

The selected videos will be published in the conference proceedings (CD-ROM) and in the ACM digital library. The authors of the selected videos should plan to attend the conference and will be given a moment to explain the video.

Submission Instructions

The video material should be of the highest available quality. The video should preferably not be scaled down or compressed. The preferred video format (codec) is standard DV in either the PAL or the NTSC standard. The video container may be AVI or Quicktime. The maximum length is 3 minutes. The length of the credits at the end is limited to three seconds.

Upload the videos to the anonymous FTP server at ftp://home.bartneck.de. Upload them to the directory "incoming". A small ftp tutorial is available at http://www.bartneck.de/conference/hri2007. The filename should correspond to the name of the author, such as JohnDoe.avi. In addition, an email with the movie's title, contact details for all authors, the abstract, a representative screenshot, and the filename of the submission must be sent to christoph@bartneck.de. Alternatively, the author can put a video on a web site and submit the video's URL.

The deadline for submission is JANUARY 4th, 2007. The notice of acceptance will be send by JANUARY 15th, 2007. Upon acceptance, the authors will have to submit an ACM release form. Authors' do not need to assign the copyright to ACM. In addition, the authors must have obtained permission of every relevant person in the movie for showing the video at the conference and for distributing the movie in the proceedings and in the ACM digital library. Alternatively, the people in the movie may be rendered anonymous by visual effects, such as blurring.